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Michael Garvey

COO & Managing Partner

“VRG Controls is the culmination of years of learning, perseverance, boundless aspirations and inspiration borne from working with exceptional people in the natural gas industry.  We are proud that we do not conform to a large corporate model.  Our structure affords us the luxury to chart our own course that ensures an intimate, long-term relationship with clients that is driven by what is best for our customers and employees rather than what is best for shareholders.                                                Read More...


Vladimir Rimboym

CEO & Managing Partner

"VRG Controls is about outstanding support to the Natural Gas Industry and all of our customers. Our support comes from years of experience and understanding customer needs. We take full satisfaction from the fact that customers know that the phone call or e-mail will be always answered by a highly technical professional in a timely manner."                                             Read More...

Ken Templeman

Manufacturing Manager & Managing Partner

"VRG Controls provides top tier products in a competitive industry through a highly competition workforce. A dedication to precision and quality control boosts VRG into the upper echelon of natural gas competitors."                                        Read More...

Narendra "Ned" Desai

Accounting and Financial Control Director

"Our organization presents a unique approach in today’s corporate environment of mergers and acquisitions.  VRG Control’s size ensures that we can provide rapid response to our customers based upon decades of experience and a vast technical knowledge base.  Because we have done business with many of our customers for many years previous we offer a very intimate relationship with a strong foundation of trust and assurance that our solutions will meet our client’s needs.  I am proud to be part of a storied team with a history of innovation and success.”                                                 Read More...

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