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RCVC3000 (REM)

  • Function: Valve-Actuator Positioning

    Supply: 20-49 psig, 50-150 psig, 151-250 psig

    Temperature: -20°F to +

    Input: 4-20 mA Analog, ±24 VDC Discrete, Discrete Override Options

    Output: Valve Position, 4-20 mA Position Feedback, Discrete Trigger Output(s)

    Linearity: ±1.0%

    Emissions: ZERO Steady State

    Discharge to Pressure:YES

    Resolution: ±0.5%

    Deadband: 0.5% Typical Minimum

    Data Interface: USB Programming Cable Onboard

    Certifications: ATEX, IECEx or UL

    Mounting: Direct or Remote

    Navigation/Setup: Laptop Connect or Onboard Navigation Wheel

    Voltage: 19-30 VDC

    Power Draw: 1.0 Amp Max

    Terminal Enclosure: IP 56, Fabricated SS

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