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"VRG Controls provides top tier products in a competitive industry through a highly competent workforce. A dedication to precision and quality control boosts VRG into the upper echelon of natural gas competitors."



As manufacturing manager, Ken’s primary focus entails the end-product creation process. He is with our products from when they start as purchase orders until completion, each step of the way. He works meticulously with the engineers and the quality control team to ensure precision, accuracy and safety through all products that leave our facility. Truly a unique manager, Ken oversees almost all aspects of our creation process and diligently works to guarantee the best products in a timely manner.



Ken has held a number of different technical jobs throughout his career which has rounded him into a well-versed machinist.  This diverse technical past gave him the skillset to teach any process to his workforce, which is unmatched in most similar managerial positions.  He owned a number of small businesses throughout his time which transformed a blue-collar worker into a jack-of-all-trades businessman.  His unique career upbringing truly created an unparalleled manager and owner within the industry.



Associate Degree in Business from Harper College

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